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Colin Christopher is a guest expert in Hypnosis and has appeared in many magazines and on many TV and radio shows in the United States, Canada and internationally.  To view some of his TV appearances visit

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Colin Christopher has been in front of over 250,000 people throughout North America and shared stages with world-class speakers like Bob Proctor, Steve Siebold and Brian Tracy. 

As a stage hypnotist and entertainer, he’s a sought after authority in hypnosis and has been a guest expert on radio and television for shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and many others. Visit to watch some of his TV interviews.

Some of his clients include McDonalds, Bell Mobility, and Princess Cruise Lines.

He’s a clinical hypnotherapist, hypnosis instructor and author of the book Success Through Manipulation: Subconscious Reactions That Will Make or Break You. Download 5 free chapters to the right and read more about Colin’s one of a kind perspective when it comes to success and manipulation.

When Colin performs at your event you will experience amazement, laughter, and wonder. Your group will be energized and entertained by his unique and successful flare.

His dynamic performance experience combined with his knowledge of hypnosis as a clinical hypnotherapist will deliver a powerful and exciting show for your organization. He delivers an unforgettable event that will keep you and your friends laughing for days after the show is finished!

You will absolutely love having Colin perform for your next event and you’ll want to experience and enjoy his show again and again.

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Success Through Manipulation Book

Success Through Manipulation Book

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